Hantavirus – How to prevent its spread


Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome is one of the deadliest diseases that are transmitted by pests, particularly the rodent known as deer mice. An individual can contract this particular health condition by inhaling the dust or other particles that are infected. It may also develop if one touches a mouse poop. You should be aware that there is no vaccine against HPS yet. But the good thing is, there are many ways in which you can prevent it from spreading.

Below are some important tips on how Hantavirus can be prevented:

Eliminate mice

The best thing that you can do to avoid the risks of HPS is to, first and foremost, eliminate mice. You should prevent them from entering your home. With this being said, you should inspect your place if there is any small opening. Take note that mice can gain access to your dwelling place using even the smallest crack. So, look around and cover such openings.


In case these rodents are already inside your house, you can use traps and baits to get rid of them. Or better yet, call a professional pest control personnel and have the mice totally eliminated.

Watch out for the signs and take actions

The number one sign of mice infestation is the presence of droppings. You may also notice holes in your doors or walls as well as chew marks on your furniture. You may even hear their squeaky sounds, especially at nighttime. Or worse, see one running around your abode. If so, you should take actions immediately. Get the best mouse trap available and start getting rid of those tiny creatures.

Maintain the cleanliness of your home

A filthy environment makes a good breeding site for pests. Therefore, you should make sure that your home is clean all the time. It will also help if you disinfect the different parts of the structure. You need to do this too after all the mice have been eradicated.

Avoid future infestation

Eliminating the mice at one point does not mean that you are already safe from future infestation. With this, you should take precautionary measures like blocking potential entry points.

What to do if you get infected with Hantavirus?

dd874Like what was mentioned earlier, there is no cure or vaccine yet for Hantavirus Pulmonary Disease. Once an individual has been infected, he or she should be brought to the intensive care unit so oxygen therapy will be given. This will them through the severe respiratory distress.